AT&T Revises Data Plan Ahead Of iPhone 4G Launch

Jun 6th 2010 at 1:15 am 1

at&t iphone 4gAT&T has recently released a new and revised two-tier data plans for the coming iPhone 4G. The iPhone 4G is expected to launch June 7 and this is announcement just on time for the customers just waiting to the the new generation iPhone 4G. The first data plan is the DataPlus plan which is at $15 for 200MB of data usage. There will be an additional $15 for another 200MB is you go over the first 200MB limit. The other plan is the DataPro plan which gives customers 2GB of data usage for $25. AT&T said 2GB data usage is just enough for most users and in fact 98% of their data customers use under 2GB, so kind of enough for some heavy data users. There will be an additional charge of $10 per 1GB data usage above the 2GB.

For customers who need tethering which will be coming to the iPhone when the iPhone OS 4 comes out this summer. Tethering comes with the DataPro plan and is additional $20 for tethering. These all makes the whole thing expensive. Sprint also charges a whooping $29.99 for the new HTV Evo 4G for the wireless hotspot capability which is similar to tethering.


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