Apple Receives Lawsuit From NY Doctor For Patent Claims

On Friday, New York-based doctor Joseph Weisel have filed a case against tech giant Apple for his patent method of detecting irregular heartbeat which is one of the key features of the Smart watch.

Dr. Weisel claimed that he invented the key elements in atrial fibrillation detection monitoring which was used by Apple in their device and sends a notification to the wearer of the smart watch.

Patent 7,020,514 or the 514 patent was awarded to Dr. Joseph in 2006 for his ‘Method of and apparatus for detecting atrial fibrillation’

He also revelaed that he reached out the company to try and negotiate with them in 2017 but never received a proper response from them.

In the suit he filed at the Eastern District of New York, Weisel wants Apple to pay him for royalties and prohibit them from using the said feature without his knowledge and permission.

As of the writing, Apple hasn’t released any response or statement regarding the matter.